Meniscus - Creation of a Real-Time Analytics Platform to enable smart management of big data

Lead Participant: Meniscus Systems Ltd.


Technology advances have increased the number of sensors available, the sources of
information monitored, the frequency of data transmission and the bandwidth of transmission
across inter-connected networks. This has caused an exponential growth in the amount of data
both generated and stored.
Meniscus provides data collection and analysis for utilities companies including water and
energy. The analysis forms business intelligence that can inform decisions, improve
operational management and increase efficiency. A major application of our existing analytics
platform is the forecasting of hydraulic capacity levels in the sewerage networks for water
There is an opportunity to use all this new data with smart water solutions; the potential global
savings for water utility companies is estimated between $7.1 billion and $12.5 billion each
year. Meniscus want to take advantage of this opportunity by developing a real-time analytics
platform, which will inform operational decisions of the sewerage network, prevent flooding
incidents and reduce overall energy costs.

Lead Participant

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Meniscus Systems Ltd., HUNTINGDON £83,658 £ 50,195


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