A 3D printing solution to solve parents pain with orthotics services

Lead Participant: Project Andiamo Ltd


Orthotics is a speciality involving the application of external devices to the body to provide
support and manage pain and deformity. In the UK there are 2 million people requiring
orthotic services costing the NHS £207 million/year. Current wait times for an orthotic are up
to 12 months. Coupled with a shortage in qualified orthotists, orthotic provision services have
failed to meet the market demand.
The current approach to orthotics has not changed in over 50 years. Manual casting is a slow
process taking up to 3 months and requires input from a range of health professionals,
including technicians, physiotherapists, and orthotists. The whole process can take up to 12
months, by which time the patient’s condition may have deteriorated. This may mean the
orthotic no longer fits, or in the case of a child they may have outgrown the orthotic. This
results in ineffective treatment, skin irritations and repeat visits to the clinic—only to repeat
the process. In turn leading to needless distress on the family and child
Following our own personal experience of the orthotic provision service, we have proposed an
innovative approach to manufacturing and providing orthotics. Our concept utilises state of
the art 3D imaging and additive manufacturing with expert biomechanical analysis to design
and manufacture customised orthotic devices. Our concept streamlines the orthotic provision
service and meets the needs set out by the British Health Trades Association (BHTA) and
NHS England. We believe we can deliver an effective orthotic within 1 week of consultation.
The potential economic benefits to the taxpayer are enormous, with every £1 spent on
orthotics services worth £4 to the NHS, such is the impact of orthotic care on overall health.
Demand for orthotics is expected to grow with the ageing population and increasing
prevalence of chronic disease, such as diabetes. Our rapid, streamlined service will be
perfectly placed to meet this need. We now seek to prove our concept.

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