AMICABLE (Anti-microbial lightweight grab poles)

Lead Participant: Composite Braiding Limited


This project will use existing technologies not previously combined to achieve components for public transport use that will:

\*Incorporate proven anti-microbial materials that act as an effective barrier against bacteria and help reduce viral transmission (even eliminate them in some cases), helping both with public health and customer perception issues;

\*Incorporate these materials into lightweight structural recyclable composite materials that will reduce the component weights by over 50%, thereby reducing emissions, improving performance and greatly enhancing environmental and sustainability credentials;

\*Be able to produce these components in the UK at volumes and costs equivalent to the currently imported steel components; and

\*Have components that can be installed on new vehicles, but that can also be easily and cost-effectively retrofitted into existing vehicles.

This is a massive, game-changing opportunity to improve the acceptability of public transport post-Covid, and has huge domestic and export potential.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Composite Braiding Limited, Nottingham £129,558 £ 90,691


Promethean Particles Limited, Nottingham £83,845 £ 58,692
Health and Safety Executive £30,083 £ 30,083
University of Warwick, United Kingdom £112,681 £ 112,681
Transport Design International Limited £104,162 £ 72,913
Biocote Limited £19,684 £ 13,779


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