Development of Dielectrophoresis Technology

Lead Participant: Labtech International Ltd


The study of cellular structure and function is fundamental to our understanding of biological
systems, and is critical to the elucidation of disease mechanisms and in understanding drug action
and efficacy and as such is of supreme importance to the life science sector in particular the
pharmaceutical industry. Work pioneered in the University of Surrey has produced an exciting and
innovative technology which will allow scientists to address novel cell biology applications in the
key areas of cancer research, drug discovery, in-vitro toxicology and stem cell development. In
2007, Labtech International was selected by SEEDA as one of the first companies in the pilot High
Growth Scheme. As a result. the SEEDA hub network linked Labtech with the Department of
Biomedical Studies in the University of Surrey. A joint venture, DEPtech, has been formed to
commercialise patent protected technology developed at the university (for patent information see
Part Section 6).
The DEPtech technology is licensed exclusively to DEPtech by the University of Surrey (see Part
E, Section 7) The University of Surrey will not be involved in the development or running of the
company beyond receiving licensing payments. All rights to the technology ~sfer to DE~
once a specified license fee has been paid. A!l development work will be undertaken Labtech
and the final products will be sold through Labtech's sales and marketing channels.
This proposal will define the scope and detail of Labtech's business plan to develop,
commercialise and exploit the DEPtech technology.

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Labtech International Ltd, UCKFIELD




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