Sustainable Biofeedback Scent Interventions


SDT is developing biofeedback ‘wearable technology’ scent interventions for dispensing and dispersing functional liquids such as fine fragrances, insect repellents, inhalable decongestants or aromatherapeutics in response to a biometric stimulus. This is a disruptive technology which avoids untargeted, wasteful application of expensive (and potentially harmful, if over-dosed) functional liquids. However, further technology development is needed to attract investment and bring a product to the market that will have optimal functionality as well as user appeal. We are seeking to work with a design expert in aerosol formation to arrive at an improved prototype of our targeted, stimulus-triggered dispensing technology.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Sensory Design & Technology Ltd, SAFFRON WALDEN £5,000 £ 5,000


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