Lead Participant: Flock Limited


"We will soon be surrounded by drones. The FAA (The Federal Aviation Agency of the US) forecasts that there will be 30000 drones in the american sky by 2020.

Engineers are rushing to have the technology ready. They are developing systems that will be able to fly without any need of supervision.

Unfortunately, drones are not able to understand the impact they can have on the people on the ground. They are noisy, unpredictable and could be scary. By the time an autonomous drone reacts to a person is too late avoid the impact.

There is a need to make drones notice and respect citizens. Drones should understand the impact they have on the population, and plan accordingly.

Flock is a ProSocial dynamic urban flight planner for drones. Powered by the citizens location data, is able to understand and define the disruption each flight path will have. This way, flights can be planned to reduce their impact, and change them even before the drone started flying.

n the era of information we should get advantage of the data we are generating, and use it to create a more pleasant environment for all, humans and machines. That’s what flock does. Building the future infrastructure for humans to coexist with drones. "

Lead Participant

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Flock Limited, LONDON £5,000 £ 5,000


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