Urban-Air Port | "Air-One" [Rapidly Deployable Vertiport For Drone-Delivery, Air-Taxi, Disaster Management]

Lead Participant: Urban Air Port Limited


Urban-Air Port Ltd is designing & developing the 'worlds smallest airport', an infrastructure solution to support future Electric Vertical Take off and Landing \[EVTOL\] aircraft. This innovative programme is called "Air-One".

This project employs sophisticated design, Intelligent-Autonomous-Systems technology, sustainable renewable energy input & fabrication processes to create rapidly deployable, small foot-print infrastructure with minimal impact on the environment. Creating a new business model for an emerging era of personal & logistics air-mobility.

This pop-up 'urban-airport' innovation is particularly relevant post-Covid 19, offering flexible, autonomous & safer transportation solutions. For Coventry City of Culture 2021, Air-One will demonstrate a vision of future Urban Air Mobility \[UAM\], including its capacity to support Disaster Emergency Management & Security \[DEMS\] in areas exposed to climate change, pandemics or with diminishing resources, a just-in-time, safe & resilient rescue hub.

Air-One, as a global first will accelerate public trust & readiness for this new technology by promoting an exciting, green alternative by demonstrating;

1\. Technical proficiency & operational feasibilit_y_ of dynamic EVTOL logistics, air_-_taxi-services & DEMS scenarios;

2\. The portability, flexibility, sustainability, capacity capabilities & decarbonisation contributions of Air-One;

3\. A holistic, ultra compact, vehicle agnostic transport infrastructure solution with modular areas covering passenger/cargo terminal & DEMS needs, with in built EVTOL maintenance, recharging command & control requirements - an all in one solution - 'Air One.'

Air-One is part of the Innovate UK Future Flight Challenge, led by leading British architects, designers & engineers in Partnership with; Coventry City Council, Malloy Aeronautics, National Transport Design Centre, Coventry University, Tritium, Hyundai Air Mobility & Ove Arup presenting a giant step towards greener mobility enabled by game changing new & much needed infrastructure.

The programme has already attracted potential customers from abroad highlighting Air-Ones credibility & UKs UAM export potential & has received investment from globally recognised Partners, Hyundai Motor-Group through their Urban Air Mobility business led by Dr Jaiwon Shin former NASA as Head of the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate for over a decade.

Air-One gives hope to the UK's aviation & manufacturing sectors post COVID-19 & addresses key targets of the UK's Industrial Strategy boosting the economy with new jobs, empowering the UK's ambitious environmental pledges & advancing UK STEM capabilities.

"As part of the West Midlands Combined Authority, Coventry City Council is 100% supportive of this innovative & ground-breaking Air-One programme, demonstrating how revolutionary new, greener modes of travel will increase mobility, reduce road congestion, improve connectivity & increase UK manufacturing opportunities." Coventry City Council, Transport Innovation Manager, Sunil Budhdeo.

"Air-One could be the foundation of a UK UAM "Centre of Excellence" where industry can converge to collaboratively test ideas, technologies, new vehicles, operational concepts on an on-going basis presenting immense value for money for the UK taxpayer, improving connectivity, boosting productivity - ultimately transforming cities & helping to build back better."

Urban-Air Port Ltd, CEO & Founder, Ricky Sandhu.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Urban Air Port Limited £1,204,606 £ 843,224


Coventry University, United Kingdom £87,548 £ 87,548
Hyundai Air Mobility
Six Miles Across London Limited £160,030 £ 112,021
Coventry City Council, United Kingdom £125,002 £ 125,002
Malloy Aeronautics Limited £73,303 £ 51,312


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