Lead Participant: Eas Technologies Limited


EAS Technologies (t/a as Accredit Solutions) provides accreditation platforms to many of the world's largest sporting organisations, events, and facilities. Our proposal for the Accredit-GO project will allow us to offer an advanced set of tools that will allow the global sporting and events industry to get back to hosting sporting and live events in a safe, efficient, and sustainable manner plus provide a platform for major facilities to ensure their staff and contractors are safe to be in the workspace. The system, although initially born from our experience in major and live events and, will also have application for a broad range of facilities across multiple industry sectors. As well as addressing the initial need for business to return to the new normal to support the economy, the product will also address a long term strategy of collecting information around COVID-19 such as health passports, vaccinations certificates, and other relevant data to ensure a safe and secure environment for the future, as well as providing a solution should another such pandemic should occur.

The solution will feature a range of tools from the information collecting stage, to the social distancing number monitoring, to the access control of such areas including e-badging, as well as leading into the track and trace.

A secure innovative technology platform to collect and store sensitive data as well as providing an end to end solution and integration capabilities into existing hardware provides a sustainable solution.

Lead Participant

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Eas Technologies Limited £217,346 £ 173,877


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