Digital 999 for Domestic Abuse

Lead Participant: Tapsos Ltd


As a result of COVID-19 there has been both an increased risk and significant challenge to services responding effectively to people facing Domestic Abuse.

Pre-pandemic, contacting the Emergency Services for Domestic Abuse was already a problem in urgent need of addressing. The global crisis has only worsened this issue and evidence of heightened Domestic Abuse during national restrictions has been concerning but perhaps not surprising. It can be assumed that the statistics being shown only represent a fraction of the abuse happening, as many victims are unable to seek help.

TapSOS technology has the opportunity to provide victims with a communication tool, allowing for discreet, non-verbal alerting - an option when calling 999 isn't safe. Different to the 'Silent Solutions' system, TapSOS doesn't require a victim to call 999 then press 55 to signal to a call handler that they can't speak. This action may potentially put a victim in more danger if any noise is triggered.

TapSOS technology will not only be a tool for victims, but can be used as a method for anyone when reporting signs of Domestic Abuse. This can be an intimidating process, and one which TapSOS want to alleviate.

We will partner with UK Police forces to scope, develop and test our technology to ensure there is an alignment of service provision and service need. We will collaborate with a University to conduct research and studies during user testing.

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