ICURE Aid for Start Ups Cohort 4 - AccelerComm Limited

Lead Participant: Accelercomm Ltd


Wireless communication is now ubiquitous, with technology advances enabling ever more demanding applications. Mobile handset users are increasingly using the 4G cellular network for watching high definition video and for low delay Internet browsing. New applications like online gaming, virtual reality, cloud applications, vehicular safety and remote control of robotics will underpin the drive towards higher data rates and lower delays in 5G. However, these technology advances have been stalled by a bottleneck, which is imposed by the biggest part of the processing involved in wireless communication, namely the error correction that must be performed to ensure reliability. This bottleneck will prevent the achievement of the target data-rate and communication delay in 4G, 4.5G and 5G base-stations, as well as in 5G handsets.

AccelerComm offers a unique technology that solves exactly these problems. Our patented TurboAccelerator radically changes this error correction processing for the first time in 20 years. We can increase data rate by 10 times and reduce delay by 10 times, while maintaining comparable hardware efficiency, energy efficiency and error correction capability.

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Accelercomm Ltd, SOUTHAMPTON £499,741 £ 499,741


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