Go forth and multiply: Developing the blueprint for Black-Soldier-Fly genetics scale-up

Lead Participant: BETA BUGS LIMITED


This project will develop a black-soldier fly multiplication facility that will supply continuously improving high-performance genetics to insect-as-feed producers globally.

Livestock and aquaculture protein demand is increasing due to human population growth, yet current production depends on volatile and unsustainable soy and fishmeal imports. An alternative source of protein for livestock and aquaculture feed are insects, which are rapidly growing in importance globally. Today there are 55+ black-soldier-fly producers in the UK, Europe, the Americas and Asia. Market calculations predict 300 production facilities worldwide by 2025, with a capacity of 10,000 tonnes of insect protein/yr and £2.1B/yr revenue. Black-soldier-fly producers need high-performance genetics because production facilities are capital intensive. However, black-soldier-fly producers do not have breeding resources and expertise to develop high-performance genetics, while there are no suppliers of such genetics (breeding programs).

The objectives of the project are to develop the blueprint for a black-soldier-fly multiplication facility by conducting operational, technical and commercial analyses of the scale-up process.

The project will deliver the objectives by using the in-house expertise of BetaBugs, coupled with sub-contracted inputs from sector specialists. This will establish the blueprint for a facility that will process food waste to produce live larvae for distribution, leading to company growth and further economic and environmental benefits to the wider agribusiness sector through sustainable local production of protein and new jobs. These benefits will in turn increase the efficiency and resilience of production feed and food and with that address the challenge of cleanly feeding a growing population.

Lead Participant

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BETA BUGS LIMITED £51,067 £ 40,854


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