A Crowd Sourced Anti-Counterfeiting Imaging AI platform (ACACIA)

Lead Participant: Gliff Ltd


Counterfeit products cost the UK economy over £12Bn annually in lost revenue and brand damage. Counterfeit products in healthcare, aviation, pharmaceuticals, electronics and other sectors have significant safety risks.

Intogral Ltd and its partners propose to develop an innovative browser software platform for use by the manufacturing supply chain which includes Artificial Intelligence-based counterfeiting countermeasures utilising Smartphone pictures.

P&G have offered to support the project by providing a test use case and access to its existing anti-counterfeiting measures, including its supply chain and security partners.

Durham University will support the project with translational research and help with the Exploitation Plan.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Gliff Ltd, Durham £186,299 £ 130,409


Durham University, United Kingdom £23,794 £ 23,794
Procter & Gamble Technical Centres Limited, WEYBRIDGE £50,264 £ 25,132


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