MBQP - Model-Based Process Design and Quality Planning

Lead Participant: Perpetual Labs Ltd


Process and quality planning are prerequisites for the production of qualified products at competitive cost. Today ´s document-based work methods are not effective as valuable time is spent on document creation and document management instead of being spent on innovation and process improvements. Information duplication is an inevitable consequence with current document-based work methods where the same information is described in different ways, across many different documents. This project presents a model-driven approach where vital manufacturing information is described once, at one place, and in one standard language, enabling improved work methods across the supply chain for process design and quality planning in manufacturing.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Perpetual Labs Ltd £180,460 £ 126,322


L.P.W. Technology Limited, RUNCORN £117,338 £ 58,669
Autodesk Limited, FARNBOROUGH £64,848 £ 32,424
University of Lincoln £111,818 £ 111,818


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