Lead Participant: Keen Limited


The BACpack feasibility study examines the potential to recycle low carbon scrap for the manufacture of aluminium sheet for packaging and other large-scale applications within the UK. This is an essential development for the aluminium industry as a key part of UK's foundation metals industry for both its future productivity and sustainability. The study will provide the technical and economic verification of the route for the UK's aluminium industry to re-shore the manufacturing of aluminium sheet packaging products that are all presently imported into the UK. This will be based on efficient manufacturing processes and the use of UK based recycled low carbon aluminium as its feedstock. This will make the manufacturing of aluminium sheet packaging products in the UK both globally competitive and at the same time environmentally friendly particularly as the UK decarbonises its electricity generation capacity. The feasibility study proposed is firmly based on both resource and energy efficiency as it will make use of a low carbon recycled aluminium feedstock that is mainly lost to export today.

The proposed closed loop recycling entity would take a significant proportion of the up to 800 kt UK based end-of-life aluminium scrap which is currently exported each year and convert this in the UK using the most efficient casting and rolling technology, to provide high added value aluminium sheet for both closure sheet stock and for can body sheet stock for supply to UK manufacturers of both cans and closures at advantageous cost, based on the maximum use of ultra-low embedded carbon recycled aluminium which has a low carbon intensity of 0.5 tonnes of CO2/tonne compared to the world average for primary aluminium of 17.0 tonnes of CO2/tonne; thus securing the existing UK canning and food industry but also enabling this to grow, as it must, in moving food and beverage packaging away from plastic.

The study will be led by Keen Ltd as part of its longer-term plan to establish capacity for sustainable aluminium sheet manufacture in the UK for supply to the packaging, construction and automotive sectors. Keen has partnered with Innoval a world-leading aluminium technical consultancy for aluminium processing and product development.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Keen Limited £125,087 £ 87,561


Innoval Technology Limited, Sheffield £79,986 £ 39,993


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