Smart-Train - A Responsive Passenger Management System


Smart-Train is a proven technology solution for managing train occupancy by guiding rail passengers to available seats, in real-time. The system has been designed to eliminate the challenges that passengers currently face when trying to identify and locate available seating, whilst waiting for a train and whilst on board. By matching a passenger’s individual requirements with a train’s current seating availability, Smart-Train ensures an enhanced journey experience. Additionally, Smart-Train facilitates safer and more efficient management of station platforms, train boarding and alighting, for operators both with and without seat reservation systems. As such, Smart-Train constitutes the first extendable and fully supported dedicated commercial application programming interface (API) for passenger flow optimisation, through integration with the rail industry’s incumbent supply-chain. The primary aim of this project is to validate the technical feasibility and commercial model for Smart-Train, through a pilot on the UK rail network that will include feedback from passengers and rail operations staff. The project will evaluate the extent to which Smart-Train delivers against customer experience and train operator benefits. The outputs achieved will enable the commercial launch of the Smart-Train solution during 2019 after project completion. The innovation can be easily integrated into an Innovate UK show-case “Train of the Future”, alongside other rail technologies being funded through this competition. Smart-Train is being developed by Stratford-upon-Avon based Enable International, a supplier of bespoke data management solutions to the rail industry, with direct support from Arriva UK Trains, a UK division of the German train operating and logistics company, Deutsche Bahn.

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Enable International Limited, Stratford-Upon-Avon £330,995 £ 330,995


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