BISF Steel Frame House - Low carbon 'whole house' upgrade including innovative technologies

Lead Participant: Cambridge City Council


At the outset our aim was to analyse the technical feasibility and economic viability of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from post war semi-detached houses, built from BISF (British Iron and Steel Federation) construction, by 80%. We developed a whole house solution that exceeded the competition energy and CO2 emission performance targets. We used the skills of the expert consultants and contractor in our team, whilst engaging with the dwelling tenants and suppliers of innovative construction materials and technologies to develop a solution that is appropriate for this type of house and replicable around the UK. Some of the systems used included: solar photovoltaic and thermal panels; insulated external render and dry-lining; triple-glazing; LED lighting and flue gas heat recovery. We recognised that the majority of homes that need retrofitting around the country will be occupied during the process, so did not rely on relocating the tenants during the works

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Cambridge City Council, United Kingdom £150,000 £ 150,000


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