A digital tool for building information modelling

Lead Participant: Riba Enterprises Ltd


By 13th April 2015, RIBA Enterprises, under the brand of NBS, will release a free-to-use digital tool for building information modelling to complete Level-2 BIM as defined by the BIM Task Group. This tool will include the following components delivered digitally:
1. A unified classification system
The main tables within Uniclass2, which follows the ISO framework for classification ISO/DIS 12006-2, will be completed to give the UK industry a single, unified classification system. These tables will meet the demands of the building, engineering services, landscape and infrastructure sectors. A strategy will also be developed to map this classification to other systems both in the UK and abroad. Education on Uniclass will also form a key part of the communication activity and overall adoption strategy.
2. Level of development guidelines
NBS has an existing set of over 5,000 proven object templates that will be made available to industry as part of this project. These will be extended to meet the need of the infrastructure sector. The templates will form the basis of the Level of Information (LOI) guidance. Additional Level of Design (LOD) guidance will be authored to cover this scope of content.
These levels of development guidelines will be researched, authored and maintained using NBS’ existing skilled technical authoring and information specialist teams, using their mature content management systems to ensure quality, currency and consistency.
3. A digital plan of work tool
A digital plan of work tool will be developed to allow the project team to agree who will provide what information and when, throughout a construction project. This project specific plan will use classification and Level of Development guidelines to provide clarity on responsibilities. All data will be in an open documented format in line with buildingSMART International standards.
This best-in-class digital toolkit will be made free-to-use for all of the industry. It will be supported by the extension of existing, proven and secure commercial products and services. This minimises risk and also ensures the longevity and continuous improvement of a free tool that will give the UK construction industry ‘first-mover advantage’ in the global market.
4. A detailed adoption plan will also be developed. This plan will incorporate pan-industry and stakeholder engagement, development of a clear identity, development of education tools and a well thought through plan to take the service to market.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Riba Enterprises Ltd, Newcastle Upon Tyne £1,000,000 £ 1,000,000


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