Genealogies of Place: Engaging the future by connecting with the past through story, archive and new technology

Lead Research Organisation: University of Glamorgan
Department Name: Creative and Cultural Industries


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Title Exhibition of Community Art 
Description Paintings Digital story Digital archive 
Type Of Art Artistic/Creative Exhibition 
Year Produced 2011 
Impact Establishment of new community groups in Sunderland, Bute Town, Cardiff and Bradford. 
Description The project utilized three kinds of collaboration, firstly between academics and community participants in their locations. Secondly, between broad disciplinary areas, Arts, social sciences and Computer Science, where academics, community members and practitioners will be invited to meet in the network to develop the larger proposal. Second, the project required close collaboration between the investigators and the participatory technology projects they have identified - i.e. Teeside, Butetown (Cardiff) Cornwall. The network events took place in community contexts to allow for maximum consultation and collaboration with community participants. A total of thirteen people were involved in this project. In order to manage the project sustainably, the project team met 4 times during the period. We discovered a complex process of support and pro activity was required to sustain such a complex partnership.
Exploitation Route Community organizations in the locations of the five contributing partners benefited from interaction with each other and collaborative public events.
Sectors Communities and Social Services/Policy,Creative Economy,Digital/Communication/Information Technologies (including Software),Leisure Activities, including Sports, Recreation and Tourism

Description This proposal has added value to existing work in the field by linking researchers in the arts and humanities with computer scientists and communities of place. This network sits within the Creative Economy stream of the Connected Communities programme. It links across various disciplinary areas, and grows out of at least three RC-funded projects: it extends Frohlich's project 'Storybank' - the aim of which is to allow village communities in the developing world to create and share audiovisual information easily. It links with Hackney's 'Connecting Craft and Communities' project which explores how local, often rural, communities of practice underpin a strong sense of community and builds upon Fyfe's 'Cardiff and its Hinterland' project examining the place of personal story in building new meta-narratives of community of place in the 21st Century Museum. And 'Linking the Chain' - Digital Heritage in Wales initiated by Wilson, Whittle's 'Voice your View' project promotes 'community-ism' through new technology and has undergone trials in Derry and Lancaster.
First Year Of Impact 2011
Sector Creative Economy,Digital/Communication/Information Technologies (including Software),Leisure Activities, including Sports, Recreation and Tourism
Impact Types Cultural,Societal,Policy & public services

Description Genealogies of Place 
Organisation British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Country United Kingdom 
Sector Public 
PI Contribution Research leadership Collaborative creation of follow on funding bid Exhibition material and events Digital archive Enhanced partnerships with academics, non-academic partners and Communities. Research data, report, and substantial grant submission to Connected Communities programme. The project investigated how digital technologies/digital archives/digital storytelling could be used to connect heard/unheard voices within, between and across diverse communities under stress.
Collaborator Contribution Venue opportunities Community access Technological support
Impact Larger grant application to AHRC Community media Public Exhibitions
Start Year 2011