Creative Industries Clusters Programme

Lead Research Organisation: University of the West of England
Department Name: Fac of Arts Creative Ind and Education


The Bristol + Bath Creative Industries Cluster [(B+B)XR+D] is a new partnership designed to improve the performance of the Creative Industries in the Bristol & Bath region. The partners are UWE, Bristol, Watershed, and the Universities of Bath, Bristol and Bath Spa, working with a range of industry partners from Television, Theatre, and Computing. The Bristol + Bath Creative Industries Cluster will support its business partners in finding new ways to engage the audiences of the future in new market places. Our R&D-led productions will lead the cluster into the future, engaging with emergent technologies, boosting inward investment and developing a new talent base to lead the cluster's creative industries in the next ten years. Our core proposition is partnering with industry in understanding user engagement in new platforms. Next generation content delivery methods must preserve the immersive properties of content as perceived by humans when transmitted over bandlimited networks. We will mobilise the cluster research base to support businesses in improving their performance through projects that exploit the new relationships between content type, acquisition format, format parameters, coding artefacts, user environment and engagement.The (B+B)XR+D programme is designed to offer many points of contact and collaboration for industry partners that will produce several different kinds of impact for a range of different service users, participants, companies and individuals. Our goal is to lay the foundations for the Bristol + Bath cluster to be internationally successful by 2030.

Planned Impact

The project will engage 200 businesses through the breadth of its activities in meaningful capacity building in creative technology innovation and build 120 different kinds of R&D Collaboration across our range of projects. These collaborations will be driven by the 40 secondments that constitute our Fellowship programme giving industry creatives and university researchers the opportunity to work together to produce innovative ideas. We expect to support the development of 10 new businesses and create or safeguard 80 jobs. Our commitment to inclusive talent development for the Creative Industries in our New Talent internship scheme aims to ensure that the regional industries future growth is driven by a new cohort of creative technology innovators with an understanding of what the audiences of the future want and how to deliver it to them. We will also aim to produce at least five projects based on new business models that look to exploit content or IP in new ways as well as leveraging our existing international contacts to produce five new international R&D or trading networks for the new products and services that our partnership projects will produce. We will also create impact through our programme of capturing learning and engaging publics though the production of 8 Working papers, 30 academic papers, 250 Blog posts, 100 presentations, and direct engagement with 20,000 people through our events and showcases across the course of the programme. Finally we aim to generate income, investment and further R&D funding of £7m for the new products, processes and services that we produce.


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