Quantifying arbuscular mycorrhizal community dynamics in agricultural systems

Lead Research Organisation: Bangor University
Department Name: Sch of Environment and Natural Resources


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Technical Summary

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) have been hypothesised to play a key role in soil and plant nutrient cycling and agricultural ecosystem sustainability, however, while a great deal is known about AM root colonisation, little is still known about the amount and dynamics of arbuscular mycorrhizas in soil. The aim of this proposal is therefore to develop novel molecular tools to quantify mycorrhizal abundance in soil. The techniques developed will then be used to test hypotheses about the impact of contrasting agricultural management strategies on AM abundance and diversity. This knowledge will provide a greater insight into a pivotal soil organism and key determinant of plant productivity and hence aid in the development of sustainable agricultural systems. (Joint with BB/C506205/1).


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