BBSRC Targetted Studentship Application in Environmental Change October 2008

Lead Research Organisation: Lancaster University


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James Whyatt (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Jane Taylor (Researcher Co-Investigator)
A. MacKenzie (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Roger Pickup (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Brian Gordon Forde (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Kirk Semple (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Nigel Watson (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Ann Louise Heathwaite (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Mark Bacon (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Keith Beven (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Barbara Maher (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Andrew Jarvis (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Matthew Heard (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Felix Wackers (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Lisa Norton (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Martin McAinsh (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Richard Bardgett (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Nigel Paul (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Gina Mills (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Ian Dodd (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Crispin Halsall (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Charles Hewitt (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Hao Zhang (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Trevor Page (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Wlodek Tych (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Kate Helen Orwin (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Jos Barlow (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Gareth Thomas (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Ian Russell Hartley (Researcher Co-Investigator)
William Davies (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Kevin Jones (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Nicholas Ostle (Researcher Co-Investigator)
James Oliver Felix Wild (Researcher Co-Investigator)
SM Smart (Researcher Co-Investigator)
William Medd (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Jacqueline Parry (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Andrew Folkard (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Sally Wilkinson (Researcher Co-Investigator)
David Oliver (Researcher Co-Investigator) orcid
Maria Menendez Martinez (Researcher Co-Investigator)
George Blackburn (Researcher Co-Investigator)
John Quinton (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Andrew Binley (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Philip Matthew Haygarth (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Kenneth Wilson (Training Grant Holder) orcid


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