Building a new research alliance to reclaim faba bean production area abandoned to Orobanche

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O'Sullivan DM (2016) Advances in Faba Bean Genetics and Genomics. in Frontiers in genetics

Description 1. An International Workshop entitled "Building a New Research Alliance to Reclaim Faba bean Production Area Abandoned to Orobanche" was held in Rabat, Morocco from 7-9th October 2013 and was attended by a total of 49 scientists including 8 ICARDA staff, 14 participants from the local host organisations INRA-Rabat and IAV-Hassan II and 21 international experts from UK (4), Tunisia (4), Egypt (4), Ethiopia (2), Spain(2), 1 each from US, Italy, India, Algeria, Sudan.
2. The workshop was structured in two parts: a mini-symposium giving an overview of "Control of Orobanche crenata in legumes" featuring four 40-min keynote talks by distinguished international guests Pickett (Rothamsted Research), Rubiales (CSIC, Spain), Westwood (Virginia Tech, USA) and Fouad Maalouf (ICARDA); and a 2 day workshop event in structured in 3 themed sessions each featuring 4-6 short technical updates from participants and a round-table discussion.
3. The three workshop themes were: "Taxonomy, host range and distribution of Orobanche spp"; "Characterization and exploitation of sources of tolerance of Faba bean to Orobanche"; "Molecular understanding of interactions between parasitic weeds and their hosts and prospects for engineering Orobanche resistance/herbicide tolerance in faba bean." Each workshop session had a rapporteur tasked with summarising the state-of-the-art, priorities for future work and ideas for more effective international collaboration in the four respective themes.
4. In order to facilitate further communication and resource sharing between members of the international working groups that arose from each of the workshop sessions, a wiki site was created and populated with the documentation relating to the workshop programme, presentations, and round table outputs.
5. It was agreed that each of the three working groups would aim to produce a jointly authored reports to be submitted as a co-ordinated set of three review/perspectives articles to the "Food and Energy Security" Open Access journal.
Exploitation Route The bilateral and multilateral networks built through the workshop have already found expression in the form of applications to fund new researcher exchanges and institutional links which address the challenge of controlling Orobanche crenata more effecitvely and will continue to do so.
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