Capturing brain changes across the lifespan: Implications for affective control and wellbeing

Lead Research Organisation: University of Reading
Department Name: Sch of Psychology and Clinical Lang Sci


United Kingdom


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Description The funding financed an international workshop. The workshop focused on how two developmental stages - adolescence and older age - may be particularly vulnerable to loss of affective and cognitive control with consequences for well-being, and how structural brain development interacts with changes in brain function. This workshop was at the forefront of discussing both conceptual and methodological developments to further the study of developing brains and the consequences for the implementation of affective and cognitive control, topics gaining increased interest in science, health care, and society.
We were fortunate that these internationally renowned researchers accepted our invitation: Prof Richie Davidson, UW-Madison, USA; Prof BJ Casey, Cornell University, USA; Prof Paul Whalen, Dartmouth College, USA; Prof Heidi Johansen-Berg, Oxford University, UK; Prof Håkan Fischer, Stockholm University, Sweden, and Prof Tom Nichols, Warwick University, UK.
Exploitation Route The presentations and formal and informal discussions that took place as part of the workshop have led to interactions and collaborations between researchers in the US, UK and Sweden, and will lead to grant submissions formulated as part of the workshop. Furthermore, discussions that took place as part of Day 2 of the workshop have informed analytic approaches that require further development and have been tested on a multimodal brain imaging project funded by the BBSRC and linked to this workshop (BB/J009539/1). This workshop has already directly led to two visits abroad, one by Dr Jayne Morriss to Prof BJ Casey's lab at Weil Cornell Medical College, and one by the PI to Prof Richie Davidson's lab at UW-Madison to work on brain imaging data as part of the Midlife in the US (MIDUS) project (see "Collaborations"). Outputs reporting findings related to these visits are currently under review.
Sectors Education,Healthcare,Other

Description MIDUS 
Organisation University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department Waisman Laboratory for Brain Imaging
Country United States 
Sector Academic/University 
PI Contribution As part of the Midlife in the US (MIDUS) project, members of the Waisman Laboratory for Brain Imaging are involved in data collection of structural and functional MRI and resting state EEG brain data. I have been granted access to the MRI and EEG data and I am involved in the analysis of these data. Thus far, a paper reporting FMRI findings has been submitted for publication.
Collaborator Contribution Profs. Carol Ryff and Richard Davidson have granted me access to the raw data, which are not yet part of a publicly available database. I collaborate with researchers in their teams on these data, as well as other researchers who contributed publicly available data to MIDUS.
Impact A manuscript reporting the findings is currently under review.
Start Year 2014