Developing a novel single molecule imaging technology for application across disciplines

Lead Research Organisation: University of Kent
Department Name: Sch of Biosciences




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Description This funding was aimed to establish contact between my academic laboratory and an industrial partner whom was interested in using our technology. We managed to achieve an understanding between us that involves the development of a light scattering based technology for the study of a DNA protein interaction. We were also able to set significant goals for the project and also define funding streams.

Our objectives were met entirely including securing funding by the end of this award.

As a result of this funding we have a PhD student now in place who will begin a collaborative study between the groups. His work is ongoing and we expect to have outputs soon.
Exploitation Route The outcomes of this funding were meant to outline work undertaken by the collaborative groups. Outputs from the subsequent funding we obtained will find external impact.
Sectors Education,Healthcare,Pharmaceuticals and Medical Biotechnology

Description This funding was used to develop a relationship with a company in Denmark. This company provides the means to calibrate measurements on all scales, using our technology we have developed a concept for measurements on very small scales. As a direct consequence of this funding we were able to train a PhD student to use scatterometry as a means to make measurements on the nanometre spatial scale. Such an advance is very important to the competitiveness of the UK economy, since this funding is the basis of development of a novel technology. In addition, the training of the PhD student has also had a positive contribution to the economy and society.
First Year Of Impact 2015
Sector Education,Manufacturing, including Industrial Biotechology
Impact Types Cultural,Societal,Economic

Description BBSRC Responsive Mode
Amount £400,657 (GBP)
Funding ID BB/P00847X/1 
Organisation Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) 
Sector Public
Country United Kingdom
Start 04/2017 
End 03/2020
Description Label free technology development with DFM 
Organisation Danish National Metrology Institute (DFM)
Country Denmark 
Sector Public 
PI Contribution We have constructed a darkfield system that operates in real space. This will function as a test-bed for new analyses and technology constructed in partnership with DFM. Dr. Kad has already visited DFM and plans another visit in 2015. Our input is intellectual, training and data collection.
Collaborator Contribution DFM have provided time with their engineers to develop both software and hardware to meet this technological challenge. We also have full access to the measurement equipment at DFM, so once this technology is constructed we will be able to standardize its efficacy.
Impact This is a multidisciplinary collaboration with DFM providing computation, engineering and physics to complement our contribution of a biological system and technological platform for development.
Start Year 2014