Development of magnetic nanoparticles strategies for manipulation and activation of stem cells in viitro and in vivo

Lead Research Organisation: University of Southampton
Department Name: Development Origin of Health and Disease


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Technical Summary

The use of stem cells in the form of cell-based therapies offer tremendous potential for disease treatment and reparative medicine. Central to this process will be the ability to target and activate these stem cells at required sites of injury and repair. We propose to investigate the processes by which magnetic nanoparticle technology can be applied to stem cell delivery systems in vivo and conditioning of stem cells both in vitro and vivo. In particular: i) to identify specific receptor and appropriate binding sites for magnetic nanoparticles on stem cells which will enable remote activation of signalling pathways via magnetic fields; ii) to model and characterise these processes in vitro using our prototype magnetic conditioning bioreactor systems; iii) to investigate stem cell mobilisation and activation using this technology in animal models in vivo. These enabling technologies offer tremendous healthcare benefits. (Joint with BBS/B/14523).


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