Lipid droplets as dynamic organelles of fat deposition and release: translational research towards human disease

Lead Research Organisation: Babraham Institute
Department Name: UNLISTED


Lipid droplets store lipids (fats) within cells, particularly in adipose (body fat) and liver tissue. Disorders such as metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes are associated with excessive lipid droplet synthesis, this is further complicated by such droplets inside the cell potentiating replication of hepatitis C virus. This large multicentre project integrates studies upon human and mouse examples and on cell line models in order to understand how droplet biosynthesis and turnover is regulated. The work involves gene expression (the copying of DNA into RNA and then often into protein) studies and proteomic (cell protein) and lipidomic analysis.
Description The control of lipid droplet formation by oleate has been shown to be mediated by the GPR120 receptor which is coupled to PI3kinase and PLD activities.
Exploitation Route Possible intervention in obesity Potential use in understanding obesity
Sectors Agriculture, Food and Drink,Pharmaceuticals and Medical Biotechnology