Trehalose signalling: understanding and exploiting an emerging small molecule carbohydrate paradigm

Lead Research Organisation: Rothamsted Research
Department Name: Unlisted


Sucrose and trehalose are the most widespread non-reducing disaccharides in nature. Until recently, with very few exceptions, the division of sucrose and trehalose between the kingdoms was thought to be clear cut. However, the trehalose pathway and trehalose 6-phosphate (T6P), in particular, have now been shown to play an indispensible signalling role in plants. The proposal will determine the signalling partners of T6P and closely related non-reducing disaccharides to enable chemical intervention of physiological function in Arabidopsis through: 1) Synthesis of non-reducing glycan libraries based on the trehalose and sucrose cores 2) Synthesis of small molecule glycan arrays 3) Protein and nucleic acid isolation and screening including construction of Arabidopsis transgenics for T6P target partners4) Construction of in planta active non-reducing mimetics and probes.


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