Provision of tilling resources and platforms in wheat

Lead Research Organisation: Rothamsted Research
Department Name: Unlisted


This project aims to provide the plant research and breeding communities with the resources and tools to identify novel sequence variation in wheat. This will give access to a wide array of alleles of genes associated with important crop traits that can be used to develop new varieties. In addition, it will provide a robust platform to perform functional validation of candidate genes.
The TILLING resource to be provided comprises two elements: the provision of genomic DNA samples and seeds for mutagenised populations of both bread wheat and durum wheat and the provision of a TILLING kit that will allow users to screen and identify allelic series of their target genes. We will include a training session in the screening protocols to make this technology more accessible. Finally, we also aim to explore new screening strategies that make use of next-generation sequencing technologies to provide high-throughput mutation discovery, with the long-term aim of developing a mutation discovery platform based around existing screening and sequencing service providers.
1. Provide access to DNA and seeds of existing TILLING libraries from tetraploid and hexaploid wheat. Grow 2,000 lines of each mutant population plus a diversity set of 400 lines, generate large-scale DNA samples from each plant and archive both DNA and grain for distribution.
2. Provide users with a TILLING kit based on celery juice extract (CJE) digestion of heteroduplex PCR products. Distribute, on request, individual and pooled DNA samples for all lines above plus CJE enzyme and controls for the TILLING protocol.
3. Provide training for TILLING strategies in polyploid species.
4. Explore strategies for TILLING by next-generation sequencing and assess the depth of pooling of DNA samples and target genes that can be achieved.


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