Development of an improved (DIVA) vaccine against peste des petits ruminants and technology for a control strategy in endemic areas

Lead Research Organisation: The Pirbright Institute
Department Name: UNLISTED


To create fowlpox-based candidate DIVA vaccines against PPRV, establish the degree of immune response of these vaccines and the optimal set of proteins to express from the recombinant. To set up appropriate C-ELISAs that recognise infection and/or vaccination separately. To develop flow-capture-based penside tests for PPRV antigen. In Uganda: To conduct the field trial of the candidate DIVA vaccine against PPR. To characterize the strains of PPRV circulating, and their extent of spread, in Uganda (genetic analysis). To validate the next generation of ELISA tests to differentiate vaccinated from infected animals (DIVA tests). To validate penside diagnostic tests for PPR. To introduce real-time PCR for the diagnosis of PPR and sheep/goat pox into the lab in Uganda.


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