Chemical glycobiology

Lead Research Organisation: John Innes Centre
Department Name: Contracts Office


The Field group is diverse in its activities, which range from organic synthesis to mechanistic enzymology and chemical biology. The common theme that runs throughout is carbohydrates. Current research themes include: the development of novel chemical and enzymatic approaches for the preparation of sugar nucleotides, oligosaccharides and glycosylated natural products; structural and mechanistic studies on enzymes involved in bacterial lipopolysaccharide, plant cell wall, plant and microbial and secondary metabolite biosynthesis; carbohydrate-coated surfaces (carbohydrate microarrays, glyco-nanoparticles and glyco-quantum dots) for identifying and quantifying protein-carbohydrate and pathogen-carbohydrate interactions; chemical genomics and chemical proteomics tools for plant cell and developmental biology with a particular emphasis on glycobiology (starch and plant cell metabolism, glycosylated secondary metabolites).


10 25 50
Description A new carbohydrate-binding virus that infect and lyses algae - a key factor in releasing fish-killing toxins from algal blooms.
Exploitation Route Our virus/algal blooms work impacts on policy for waterways management and mitigation strategies.This is being followed up with the Environment Agency and the Broads Authority.
Sectors Agriculture, Food and Drink,Chemicals,Healthcare

Company Name Iceni Diagnostics Ltd 
Description Iceni Diagnsoptics offers bespoke solutions to third parties with requirement in carbohydrate and bioconjugation chemistry. It also has an in house program of glycodiagnostics development. 
Year Established 2014 
Impact Too early