Perception of Symbiotic Signals by Legumes

Lead Research Organisation: John Innes Centre
Department Name: Contracts Office


Nodperception: Project Outline
Calcium signalling plays a critical role in transmission of Nod-factor induced signalling. This project will involve analysis of different types of calcium signalling and how they might influence the induction of gene expression and the initiation of infection thread formation. Part of the project will address calcium signalling in novel infection mutants using both micro-injected dyes and available transgenic calcium reporter lines of Medicago truncatula. Metbolic inhibitors will be also be used to try to define what types of signalling events occur upstream of Nod-factor-indiuced calcium spiking, and gene targeted mutations affecting predicted calcium channels and pores will be screened using TILLING with a new fast-neutron mutagenised population of M. truncatula mutants that are likely to have gene deletions.