From rice to orphan crops: robust, high throughput genetic markers for all the grasses

Lead Research Organisation: John Innes Centre
Department Name: Contracts Office


SSCPs are a robust and flexible marker system for the grasses. In this study nine hundred and forty FAM labelled COS markers will be developed for resolution as SSCPs on an ABI 3730 capillary electrophoresis machine. To demonstrate cross species use 140 of the markers will be tested across ten grass species. All 940 will be screened against the wheat varieties Avalon, Cadenza, Synthetic and Opata. Of the polymorphic markers, the 100 predicted to give even map distribution will be used to genotype the international and national reference populations derived from these varieties. The 100 mapped markers will also be run out on acrylamide gels so that polymorphic amplicons can be re-amplified and sequenced to reveal the Avalon and Cadenza SNPs.


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