Development of an efficient B. rapa transformation system to facilitate studies on fruit development in a diploid Brassica oilseed crop

Lead Research Organisation: John Innes Centre
Department Name: Contracts Office


This sT&R grant has been awarded to develop a robust and efficient transformation system in a diploid Brassica oilseed crop (B. rapa): to facilitate work on fruit and oilseed traits, and to allow B. rapa transformation resources to be offered by BRACT (Biotechnology Resources for Arable Crop Transformation to the research community. The B.rapa variety R-o-18 has been chosen for this study as its plant architecture is similar to B. napus oilseed rape. R-o-18 is derived from a B. rapa oilseed crop grown in Pakistan and India, and is therefore already a crop in its own right. Moreover the genotype is rapid cycling and self-compatible, enabling the production of large seed stocks to use in transformation studies, as well as generating next generation transgenic material cost effectively. The genotype also complements the R-o-18 TILLING resource at JIC, and will enable researchers to confirm gene function in the TILLING mutants by complementation. The transformation of this genotype is currently between 0.1 to 1%, which makes it uneconomical to offer as a community resource. The project aims to increase transformation efficiency up to 5% and above, by increasing the frequency of transformation events (increasing plant susceptibility to Agrobacterium, and T-DNA integration) and developing a robust regeneration system for this genotype (increasing the frequency and quality of regenerating shoots). The project will employ a range of empirical tissue culture approaches to achieve these goals, as well as exploring a genetic approach by studying the effect of ACC deaminase on transformation efficiency.


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