JIF Technology Transfer Fellowship

Lead Research Organisation: John Innes Centre
Department Name: Contracts Office


This project aims to establish a TILLING facility at Biosciences for eastern and central Africa (BecA), a biosciences research platform established to increase access to affordable, world-class research facilities on the continent of Africa, and one with which the JIC has established a collaborative link. There are two phases in this project: the initial phase at JIC explores methods of identifying diversity in TILLING populations (e.g., PCR-based, Forward genetics), whilst the second phase looks to establish a TILLING facility at BecA in Kenya using methods considered appropriate at JIC. The training of BecA scientists to use the TILLING facility in the second phase will be provided through a workshop and individual mentoring, both led by the JIC scientist involved. In establishing the TILLING facility at BecA, JIC and local scientists will work with an important variety of African rice. However, once appropriate methodologies have been developed using rice, and practical experience gained by BecA staff, the work of TILLING platform will be expanded to other important African crops, such as teff and grasspea, with a view to make transformative improvements for African small-holder farmers.


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