Comparative population genomics of red clover domestication and improvement

Lead Research Organisation: Earlham Institute
Department Name: UNLISTED


The project ‘Comparative population genomics of red clover domestication and improvement’ aims to use a diverse ecotype collection of red clover alongside elite breeding populations as a platform for hypothesis testing and for characterisation of genetic diversity. Activities will include: the use of resequencing to identify genetic diversity within a diverse ecotype panel and comparison with elite breeding lines; generation of genetic map information to improve the current red clover genome assembly developed at TGAC/IBERS; and fine mapping of the growth habit trait (erect vs prostrate) using resequencing data from five mapping populations. The genotyping of the diversity panel will enable us to obtain invaluable information about genomic regions likely to be under selection, as well as the underlying genes, and thus estimate the impact of domestication on the red clover genome.


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