Air-seq: A method for early detection of any biological threats

Lead Research Organisation: Earlham Institute
Department Name: UNLISTED


The main objective of this project proposal is to commission experts to undertake a comprehensive market assessment for Air-seq technology. Air-seq is a surveillance method to identify biological agents present in the air. The persistent pressure from pathogens on crop plants and the consequent crop damage is a constant threat to global food security. To prevent this, it is crucial to be able to detect pathogenic threats as early and accurately as possible in order to respond with targeted measures. We believe Air-seq will be a key technology in a battle for sustainable intensification in the Agri-tech sector. However, it will also be applicable in any situation where quick and accurate detection of pathogenic threats (accidently or intentionally released) is crucial. Based on preliminary research and expressed interest, we predict the primary users of the Air-seq technology to be governmental bodies (e.g. Dstl), agriculture companies (e.g. Syngenta) and farmers. This fund is necessary to guide Air-seq development. It will be used to determine specific customer segments and engage in structured discussions with industry about potential of the device and partnership as well as protecting the intellectual property.


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