PEERSONA: Personal Server Network for enterprise and communities

Lead Research Organisation: Imperial College London
Department Name: Dept of Computing


Project PEERSONA intends to develop and trial a novel in-the-network peer 2 peer platform which enables enterprise users to consume services and content efficiently across multiple devices (PCs, mobile phones, PDAs, display screens) within an enterprise (staff and customer) community-based framework. The platform is a network (called the Peerouette Network) of personal network-based servers (called Peersonas) hosted by Internet Service Providers or Mobile operators, where each Peersona server 'belongs' to an end-user. Such a network based peer to peer system enables true convergence and a lowest cost digital distribution channel for 1:1 peak on-demand data distribution. The platform enables scalable broadband and mobile communication and distribution of services and media from specific enterprise data to large multimedia formats. Enterprises can interact directly with users and create flexible policy rules governing information use. access. This project is highly relevant to the Networked Enterprise call. The growing penetration of broadband as well as multimedia enabled mobile handsets and devices, content and service consumption and sharing is bound to grow in the future and new modes of personal, group and enterprise organization of both content and services are required to manage, enhance and facilitate end-user participation. New collaborative working methods need to be underpinned by a overarching framework that will support new forms virtual enterprises, access control and mobile and remote working. The proposed network of personal servers acts as a service communication and distribution in the network peer-to-peer grid and as a media distribution grid. Such a network will provide technology for building a rich digital ecosystem of services and content. The personal server grid will support dynamic and distributed working combining dynamic and ad-hoc created secure P2P networks. An enterprise community toolkit (ECT), a deliverable, enables provisioning and auditing of content and services for enterprise user groups (staff, workgroups, customers, suppliers), as well as the creation and assignment of service related policies. The project consortium includes members of the entire enterprise value chain, incuding a mobile operator (O2), fixed operator (BT), data centre company (Telecity Redbus), an end-user with defined staff and customer service needs (Transport for London), a media company end user (BBC) and several enterprise mobility and insfrastructure developers (DSR, Peerouette, Tactical Systems).


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Description PEERSONA developed and implemented a "Personal Server in the Cloud" architecture. Users are given a personal server that resides in the Cloud but which handles all the user's data and peer-to-peepr communication with other devices or utilities.

The guiding principle is that the user's data belongs to them and they should be in control of all uses to which this data is put and all interactions with other Internet facilities or devices.

The infrastructure was developed and demonstrated at several events including the Mobile World Congress
Exploitation Route Aimed at public Internet services The project led to several follow-on activities and projects. TSB projects included SPAMJAM, zero-configuration travel advisory, TotalCare, monitoring of the elderly living at home and CloudTrust, security in such personal server Cloud architectures.
Sectors Creative Economy,Digital/Communication/Information Technologies (including Software)

Description The PEERSONA work was adopted by several commercial and social organisations including Dynamical Systems Ltd. It laid the basis for the TotalCare elderly-at-home project which was rolled out out in elderly care homes and sheltered housing by Forget Me Not
Sector Communities and Social Services/Policy,Creative Economy,Digital/Communication/Information Technologies (including Software),Healthcare,Culture, Heritage, Museums and Collections
Impact Types Cultural,Societal,Policy & public services

Company Name Private Planet 
Description A Spin-out, Private Planet, has been formed and has signed a Collaboration Agreement with NEC to jointly exploit the PEERSONA/CloudTrust IPR. 
Year Established 2006 
Impact London, February 28, 2012 - NEC and Private Planet announced a global collaboration agreement which adds Private Planet?s cloud computing platform to NEC?s set of cloud solutions.