Modelling Analysis of Gun crime NETworks (MAGNET)

Lead Research Organisation: Manchester Metropolitan University
Department Name: Psychology and Speech Pathology


The aim of the proposed feasibility study is to explore the benefits of using different modelling techniques to aid stakeholder's decision making in tackling gun crime. The first step is to accurately represent the combined knowledge of the gun crime phenomenon that is available into mind maps. We will focus on three components, the gun, the gun user and the victim. Data will be obtained by accessing a variety of sources including police databases, and interviewing key informants such as gang members, offenders, police officers, local government representatives and community action groups. The second step involves the translation of the resultant mind maps into simulation models of the key processes involved in gun crime, exploring modelling methodologies such as Bayesian Networks, Cellular Automata and epidemiological modelling. Throughout the study, we will work closely with stakeholders to determine the usability of the simulation models for decision making regarding the tackling of gun crime.


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