State-of-the-art in Dynamic Traffic Assignment: An International Symposium

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leeds
Department Name: Institute for Transport Studies


This proposal will support a symposium that will be the first event to gather leading international researchers in the area of Dynamic Traffic Assignment . This area is concerned with the problems in modelling dynamic traffic interactions over a road network, and the inter-relationship with drivers' choices of route and departure time over such networks. These models are needed to support the design and evaluation of the many transport measures envisaged for the future that have a fundamentally dynamic element. These range from real-time driver information to congestion charges affecting the temporal distribution of demand. The purpose of the symposium is to evaluate progress with the formidable mathematical and computational problems that arise in developing these models, and to identify the gaps and major challenges for future research efforts. This symposium will put the UK's strong research base in this area at the centre of the 'world map', as well as providing a major networking opportunity for all attendees. It will also establish a focus for continuing collaboration that will be pursued after the symposium through a standing scientific committee, and though a web-site that will be used to disseminate papers.


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