Exploitation of Advanced Photonic Boisensors(EAPho-Bio- A new tool for fast and untrasensitive detection of biochemical and biomolecular interactions

Lead Research Organisation: Aston University
Department Name: Sch of Engineering and Applied Science


This programme proposes to carry out novel research on the exploitation of a new class of photonic biosensors for fast, sensitive and real-time detection of very small biochemical samples and the dynamic analysis of protein/protein, protein/DNA and cellular interactions. The photonic biosensors will be developed using UV and femtosecond inscribed microstructures in speciality fibres, sensitised by post-inscription processing and bioactivated using bioactive affinity techniques. It is envisaged that, when developed, the highly bio-sensitive/selective optical sensors will have potential applications in genomics, proteomics and drug discovery research and development, as well as in environmental monitoring.The proposed programme intends making to form a strong interaction between the photonics technology and lifescience applications by carrying out this project collaboratively between the Photonics Research Group and Molecular Bioscience Research Group at Aston University.L. Beneficiaries