Scale-up feasibility of plasma deposition in 3D tissue engineering scaffolds

Lead Research Organisation: University of Nottingham
Department Name: Sch of Pharmacy


The field of Tissue Engineering offers the possibility of generating replacement organs and tissue in response to loss or failure with obvious application in human health care.One of the many challenges that must be met to achieve wide application of this principle is the provision of guidance to cell positioning in the early stages of tissue formation. A common strategy is to support cells using synthetic scaffolds, designed to degrade gradually leaving cells supported by the extra cellular matrix that they produce naturally over time. The problem of initial poor cell adhesion to synthetic polymers commonly used in tissue engineering and poor ingress of cells into the scaffold centre has been widely reported in the literature. One method (proof-of-principle) that has been explored at Nottingham is to promote cell adhesion and ingress by chemically functionalising the scaffold using plasma deposition. However, to date the characteristic penetration depth (e-folding length) of the deposit from the scaffold periphery is only about 1 mm. In this feasibility study, we shall attempt to develop a low pressure pulsed polymerising plasma struck in monomers such as allyl amine which has the characteristics (plasma parameters in on and off time of the pulse) necessary to allow penetration of the plasma into pours of reduced dimensions and over much large distances. This will allow a scale up from small scale scaffold discs treated currently to real-world scaffolds for cartilage, bone or other large tissue engineering applications.


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Description Surface chemical modification in porous objects has been achieves using depositing polymers from energetic plasma discharges.
Exploitation Route Those interested in controlling cellular response to scaffolds are using these approached in a research context feeding into Regenerative Medicine..
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Description The approach of plasma polymerising into porous scaffolds has been taken up by a number of researchers in the field.
First Year Of Impact 2010
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