Workshop: Themes at the interface of Physics and Algebraic Representation Theory

Lead Research Organisation: City, University of London
Department Name: Sch of Engineering and Mathematical Sci


Whilst abstract mathematics often manifests structures of great beauty, and also of great use in practical applications, some of the most beautiful and powerful structures of all have come from the tight integration of mathematics as a self-consistent model of the physical world. For example, diagram algebras are, in one sense, abstract algebras, but they are also rather direct models of algebraic structures which can be seen in the physical world (from the connectivity of integratedcircuits, to the phase transitions in ferromagnetic materials). In them, powerful and elegant abstract mathematical techniques have a very concrete realisation, and very close cooperation with physicalinsight. This workshop is intended to bring together several world leaders in fields exemplified by this paradigm, with experts in physical world systems of present or potential application, as well as promising young researchers from both sides. The aim is to take full stock of, and coordinate, progress so far, and to drive forward work in this exciting confluence of mathematics and physics.


10 25 50
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