Sound Source Identification and Sound Reproduction

Lead Research Organisation: University of Reading
Department Name: Mathematics and Statistics


The identification of sound sources, their location and strength is an important and practically relevant research area in applied acoustics. Sound, its strength and distribution, is important for individuals living in an urban environment, having basic influence on the overall condition and motivation of human beings. Further, sound is commonly used as a tool for non-destructive testing and the evaluation of inaccessible regions of space or bodies. The identification of sound sources has thus been an important research area which has caught the attention of both engineers and mathematicians.The proposed fellowship intends to relocate one of the leading researchers from the field of mathematical theory and simulation of inverse problems into an engineering environment in acoustics to learn to employ state-of-the-art measurement technology and to apply new mathematical algorithms to important real world problems. The goal is to make practical progress on the sound source identification problem via high-level mathematics and to significantly contribute to the interaction of the applied and theoretical disciplines of engineering and mathematics.


10 25 50
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Potthast R (2010) Source splitting via the point source method in Inverse Problems