Support for the Ninth International Conference on Intersubband Transitions in Quantum Wells

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leeds
Department Name: Electronic and Electrical Engineering


Electron intersubband transitions in quantum wells are the primary physicalmechanism for the generation and detection of mid- and far-infrared(terahertz) radiation as used in quantum cascade lasers and quantum wellinfrared photodetectors. This range of wavelengths has applications inmolecular sensing, atmospheric and pollution monitoring security, medical imaging and secure communications. Thescientific community is now looking at other material systems for evenbroader wavelength coverage and high temperature operation as well asintersublevel transitions in quantum dots for improved device performance: allof these aspects are discussed in the biennial International Conference onIntersubband Transitions in Quantum Wells (ITQW) which the authors havefought hard to secure for the U.K. in September 2007 after losing out on two previous occasions to Switzerland in 2003 and Cape Cod in 2005. Theauthors seek modest funding from the EPSRC to help support this prominentevent and showcase the leading U.K. work in this research field.


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