LSI Doctoral Training Centres-University of Oxford

Lead Research Organisation: University of Oxford
Department Name: Computer Science


Summary of themes and need for Centre: The Oxford Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Centre provides training at the LSI, and facilitates leading-edge research, in the mathematical, physical and engineering science techniques that underpin three flagship application projects: the joint EPSRC/MRC IRC From Medical Signals to Useful Clinical Information ; the joint EPSRC/BBSRC/MRC IRC in Bionanotechnology; and the JIF-funded Oxford Centre for Gene Function. These projects each involve extensive interdisciplinary collaborations between world-leading theoretical and experimental research groups drawn from across the physical and life sciences. These projects have substantial scientific overlap and complementarily, and share an enormous demand for researchers from a physical science background. Each of the application areas enjoys strong industrial support and collaborations from across the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and biomedical sectors, and the demand for researchers with a physical sciences background but with an appreciation and understanding of the wider issues in life science research both within these industrial sectors and within the wider academic community, is huge.


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