LSI Doctoral Training Centres - CoMPLEX

Lead Research Organisation: University College London
Department Name: CoMPLEX


Understanding biological complexity across all scales from biomolecules to populations continues to challenge both life and mathematical. engineering, computational and physical scientists with new, demanding problems that require scientists trained to think across the life sciences interface. The new CoMPLEX DTC aims to meet this need, producing high quality graduates to tackle the exciting prospects offered by interdisciplinary research. The new DTC builds on the existing COMPLEX 4 year MRes+PhD programme, which has established excellence in training and research at the life science interface since 1999. It will provide a structured training and research environment to meet these demands. The new DTC will introduce a range of novel training and research initiatives together with outreach activities to consolidate and amplify our success, and broaden student opportunities. Students will benefit from a combination of formal training during the first MRes year. in which students are exposed to a range of successful interdisciplinary collaborations, followed by a three year PhD research project in an internationally competitive interdisciplinary research environment. At all stages of the programme, students will gain from interacting with researchers who have direct experience of interdisciplinary collaboration, and joint supervision by UCL research leaders, one mathematician/engineer/ computer/physical scientist and one life/medical scientist in equal partnership.


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