ULT2008; Frontiers of Low Temperature Physics

Lead Research Organisation: Royal Holloway, University of London
Department Name: Physics


We are organising the conference ULT2008, Frontiers of Low Temperature Physics at the request of the international community. The meeting will be held at Royal Holloway University of London, August 14-17, 2008. It is a satellite of the 25th International Conference in Low Temperature Physics, part of the triennial LT series, which this year is being held in Amsterdam August 6-13. As part of its programme, LT25 will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first liquefaction of helium in Leiden. ULT2008 will focus on science and technology near absolute zero, in the milliKelvin and microKelvin temperature regime. It will bring together a diverse community of internationally leading researchers, early career researchers and graduates students engaged in experimental and theoretical research in this area. Alongside plenary oral sessions, a series of focussed workshops will explore unresolved questions and emerging areas. These include: quantum matter and quantum criticality from strongly correlated electron systems to helium, the new supersolid state of matter; modelling the universe and testing cosmological theories in the laboratory; nanomechanical resonators, mechanical systems governed by quantum mechanics and their applications; quantum transport in nanostructures at low mK temperatures; the study and visualisation of quantum turbulence in helium liquids, in an attempt to unlock the secrets of turbulent flow.The meeting will be structured to promote discussion and interaction; to foster the exchange of new concepts, new techniques and methods; to encourage new synergies and develop new research opportunities.


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