SSBSE: Symposium on Search Based Software Engineering

Lead Research Organisation: King's College London
Department Name: Computer Science


This proposal seeks relatively modest funding to provide partial financial support for the first international Symposium on Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE).This symposium will found a series of annual international events. EPSRC funding is sought to support the first of these, to be held in the UK. The UK has outstanding international leadership in this area of research. The PI for the project, Mark Harman, has extensive experience in successful management of similar events and has a long track record of publications and collaborations on SBSE with both industry and academia.


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M Harman (2009) SSBSE 2009 proceedings

Description This grant was funding to hold an international symposium on search based software engineering. The symposium drew together researchers working on computational search (and artificial intelligence techniques) for software engineering.

The funding provided supported the first international event, in 2009. However, since then the symposium has been held every year, and continues to grow and develop as a self-funded international event. The EP SRC funding help to establish that the UK is at the centre of this growing community of researchers and practitioners using computational search in software engineering.

The URL that I give is for the most recent of these events, which will be held in Italy in 2015. However, the conference has been held in every year since 2009, in many locations, including St Petersburg, Brazil, and Hungary.

The International symposium also stimulated the development of many local symposia on search based software engineering, including those now held annually in China, Brazil and North America.
Exploitation Route The importance of the area of search based software engineering has been cemented and established with the foundation of this International symposium. The need for symposia in this area has been recognised and taken forward by many researchers, through their own regional events such as the annual Chinese symposium on SBSE:

The Brazilian symposium on SBSE:

And the North American symposium on SBSE:
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Description As a result of the founding of this International symposium, found funded by the EPSRC, there is now a regular series of annual International symposium, which is self-funded, and also regional symposia in three other regions, including two in the important developing economies in China and Brazil. The Chinese government is considering incorporating search based software engineering into it its five-year plan for software engineering.
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