CREST: Centre for Research on Evolution, Search and Testing, Platform Grant.

Lead Research Organisation: King's College London
Department Name: Computer Science


CREST's approach to Software Engineering places search--based optimisation at its heart. The CREST philosophy is that software engineering can be thought of as a search for good quality solutions within a potentially enormous search space, while balancing many different competing, sometimes conflicting, objectives. We believe that this philosophy is important in all engineering disciplines, but it is in Software Engineering where it finds its greatest potential. The materials and artifacts used in software engineering are very different; they are pure processes and information, essentially without physical manifestation. This makes the search--based optimisation agenda particularly apposite and offers the significant advantage of automation. The work supported by this platform proposal will develop, extend and disseminate this agenda of Automated Optimisation in Software Engineering.


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Project Reference Relationship Related To Start End Award Value
EP/G060525/1 31/08/2009 30/07/2010 £1,091,081
EP/G060525/2 Transfer EP/G060525/1 31/07/2010 30/08/2014 £925,401
Title GP Bibliography 
Description The GP Bibliography is a repository of all publications on the topic of genetic programming, which is maintained by Bill Langdon (William B. Langdon). The repository has been available since before 2006, but since 2011, its maintenance has been supported by the EPSRC project GISMO, which funds, in full, Dr Langdon. It was started by Dr langdon when he was at the University of Birmingham, though he has been at University College London since 2010. The University of Birmingham continues to host the repository, while support for its maintenance and update by Dr langdon comes from UCL, through GISMO Project. Before the GISMO Project, Dr langdon was funded by the CREST platform grant and SEBASE projects. 
Type Of Material Database/Collection of data 
Provided To Others? Yes  
Impact Repository contains over 7000 entries, and is widely used by other researchers. It is the first point of call for any researcher working in genetic programming, in order to search for and find relevant information on previous research in this area. 
Title SBSE repository 
Description This collects the work which address the software engineering problems using metaheuristic search optimisation techniques (i. e. Genetic Algorithms) into the Repository of Publications on Search Based Software Engineering 
Type Of Material Database/Collection of data 
Year Produced 2010 
Provided To Others? Yes  
Impact This repository is the first point of contact for all researchers working in search based software engineering. It has been used by a number of other researchers in systematic literature reviews, as a source of comprehensive information regarding all papers on this topic. It contains over 1200 entries, and lists over 1500 different researchers. A number of different analyses have been built on top of the repository, and it has been used by many researchers in the construction of their related work. 
Description AUSTIN is a structural test data generation tool (for unit tests) for the C language. It is designed as a research prototype and the aim of this project is to aid researchers in automated test data generation using search-based algorithms. It is based on the CIL framework and currently supports a random search, as well as a simple hill climber that is augmented with a set of constraint solving rules for pointer type inputs. 
Type Of Technology Software 
Year Produced 2011 
Open Source License? Yes  
Impact We don't track users of the tool, but we have become aware of several organisations, both academic and industrial where the tool has been used through email correspondence.