Anglo-Franco-German Representation Theory Network

Lead Research Organisation: City, University of London
Department Name: Sch of Engineering and Mathematical Sci


Representation theory is a branch of mathematics that seeks to understand an abstract algebraic object such as a group, associative algebra, or Lie algebra, through its actions on a more concrete object, for instance a vector space. The subject, whose origins may be traced back to the late nineteenth century, is
one of the most vibrant fields of mathematics today, interacting fruitfully with geometry, number theory, topology and mathematical physics. Representation theory is visible on the general mathematical scene through large-scale research programmes with a distinctive inter-disciplinary flavour and it abounds with problems which are the subject of intense research coming from several different points of view.

Given this background, it is necessary to provide researchers with opportunities for interdisciplinary interaction, the chance to develop a broader vision of the fundamental underpinnings and future directions in representation theory, and to learn about neighbouring disciplines. Seminars, meetings and workshops, as well as short-term informal visits, are a key source of information about what is happening at the international level, despite the growing importance of electronic communications. The proposed project is a networking initiative "Anglo-French-German Representation Theory" to bring these benefits to researchers in representation theory from the UK, France and Germany.

Planned Impact

The primary impact of the network will be on the academic community, most visibly on the next generation of researchers, and consequently on the UK's continued position as a world leader in science and technology.
By providing a forum for the cross-national, and cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas, by showcasing the latest research through conferences and
workshops, and by providing opportunities to meet with current research leaders in different countries the network will impact the academic as well as professional development of UK doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, giving them a leg-up on their path to becoming the
next drivers of scientific research.


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Description This was a network grant, meant to facilitate interactions between researchers in Representation theory from the UK, France and Germany.
Exploitation Route The grant has given researchers in the UK , France and Germany opportunities to start and develop collaborations.
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